East Capital Real Estate is building a McDonald’s restaurant next to the Vesse Shopping Center in Tallinn

East Capital Real Estate is building a McDonald’s restaurant next to the Vesse Shopping Center in Tallinn cover image

A McDonald's fast-food restaurant will open its doors this fall at the Vesse Shopping Center in Tallinn. The building will be built on a property owned by East Capital Real Estate, with the anchor tenants Coop Maksimarket and Bauhof.

On Wednesday, the cornerstone of the new building at J. Smuuli road 43 in Tallinn was laid, followed by an after party. The building will be rented by Premier Restaurants Eesti OÜ, which operates McDonald's fast-food restaurants in the Baltic countries.

"We are happy to open another McDonald's restaurant in Estonia this year, this time in Tallinn on Smuuli road. In the newest McDonald's restaurant, our visitors can order their favorite food even more conveniently and quickly thanks to the presence of McDrive, McCafé and Park and Order shopping channels. We are excited that we will be able to open our doors soon," said Vladimir Janevski, Managing Director of McDonald's in the Baltics.

"The restaurant will be the third McDonald's in Lasnamäe and the seventh in Tallinn, and it will be a very good addition to the Coop Maksimarket and Bauhof located on the property. The new restaurant building has a symbolic meaning for East Capital, because it is one of the few new buildings, we have developed from start - more than 20 other buildings in our Baltic portfolio have been acquired in completed form," said Martin Otsa, member of the board of East Capital Real Estate AS.

"Thanks to the close and meaningful cooperation of the parties, the work process is moving towards a high-quality result. A McDonald's restaurant has a very specific concept, and thus the planning of the work requires more fine-tuning than usual, from all parties. In addition, in the case of short-term objects, the timely planning of long-term deliveries is of great importance, especially this year, and the team has coped well with this," said Hannes Viks, member of the board of the main construction contractor Evicon Ehitus OÜ.

The leasable area of the building, on the property belonging to East Capital Baltic Property Fund III, will be 371.7 square meters. It is designed by Projekt363 OÜ, the main construction contractor is Evicon Ehitus OÜ and the owner supervision is by Ahti Väin Konsult OÜ.

Photo- and videographer of the event: Magnus Heinmets

Martin Otsa, member of the board, East Capital Real Estate
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Jessica Scott, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, East Capital Group
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