The President of Estonia awards East Capital Group founder, Peter Elam Håkansson, with the Order of the White Star

The President of Estonia awards East Capital Group founder, Peter Elam Håkansson, with the Order of the White Star cover image

East Capital Group, a global asset manager based in Sweden, founded by Peter Elam Håkansson, extends heartfelt gratitude for the esteemed honour bestowed upon Mr. Håkansson by President Alar Karis of Estonia. The recognition comes in the form of the Order of the White Star, a testament to Mr. Håkansson's significant contributions to the establishment of the Estonian capital market and his unwavering dedication to fostering entrepreneurship in the region.

President Alar Karis conferred this prestigious award during a festive ceremony held at the Estonian National Museum (ERM) on February 21st and broadcast nationwide on Saturday February 24th as a part of the celebration of Estonia’s Independence Day. In total, 151 people were recognized.

"It is 30 years ago that I started investing in Estonian stocks and our Estonian colleagues and partners credit us with being the first international institutional investor of size to enter the market. We were both supportive and yet demanding, helping the Estonian capital market to develop faster than most other Eastern European markets. We have always pushed for dialogue with regulators, the central bank, various ministries as well as the stock exchange in the effort to support development," shared Peter Elam Håkansson, Chairman and CIO of East Capital Group.

The same explorer mindset and pioneering spirit that have led Peter Elam Håkansson to this esteemed recognition also form the guiding principles upon which he founded East Capital Group. We at East Capital Group take immense pride in upholding these values, as they underscore our dedication to working for positive change.

"I am deeply grateful and proud to receive this esteemed award, recognizing not only my efforts but also the collective dedication of East Capital Group towards the growth and development of Estonia and the Baltic region. It is a humbling experience to be acknowledged for contributions to the region's progress. I am filled with immense pride in our role in this evolution and it has been an honour to witness and be a part of this remarkable development. We remain committed to continuing our efforts towards positive change,” says Peter Elam Håkansson.

As East Capital Group celebrates this occasion, it reaffirms its unwavering commitment to advancing the interests of Estonia and the Baltic region. East Capital Group extends its sincerest congratulations to our founder, Peter Elam Håkansson, on this well-deserved honour. On behalf of both Mr. Håkansson and the entire East Capital Group we express our gratitude to President Alar Karis for recognizing these contributions. We remain dedicated to our mission of driving sustainable growth and prosperity in Estonia. Happy Independence Day Estonia!   

Photographer: Raigo Pajula / Galerii: president andis üle riiklikud teenetemärgid | Eesti | ERR


Jessica Scott, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, East Capital Group   

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