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Meet our team

Madis Raidma Photo
Madis Raidma
Martin Otsa Photo
Martin Otsa
Board Member, Investment Manager
Albin Rosengren Photo
Albin Rosengren
Chairman of the Board
Vivian Urb Photo
Vivian Urb
Head of Finance
Ulf Sigfridsson Photo
Ulf Sigfridsson
Senior Advisor
Pille Rand Photo
Pille Rand
Senior Analyst
Arūnas Gricius Photo
Arūnas Gricius
Country Manager in Lithuania
Maris Smiltenieks Photo
Maris Smiltenieks
Country Manager in Latvia
Kristi Dubkovski Photo
Kristi Dubkovski
Legal Associate
Aare Hommik Photo
Aare Hommik
Construction Manager
Janika Kibus Photo
Janika Kibus
Office and Marketing assistant
Indrek Tool Photo
Indrek Tool
Property Manager
Dinu Tanasjevs Photo
Dinu Tanasjevs
Property Manager in Latvia
Maarika Täht Photo
Maarika Täht
Chief Accountant
Gerli Jõeleht Photo
Gerli Jõeleht
Anneli Mänd Photo
Anneli Mänd
Regional Manager of Eastern Estonia properties
Ruth Andresen Photo
Ruth Andresen
Manager of Mustamäe Keskus OÜ
Evelin Kusman Photo
Evelin Kusman
Manager of Mustamäe Keskus OÜ (on maternity leave)
Signe Feizaka
Accountant in Latvia