Certifying environmental efficiency of East Capital Real Estate portfolio

Metro Plaza Tallinn

The BREEAM assessment method takes into consideration the environmental impact of the building, comfort and wellbeing of employees working in the building and its visitors and energy efficiency.

More and more companies, i.e. our potential tenants, are measuring their ecological footprint and looking for high-quality workspaces that correspond to international standards. Thus the investors as well, are interested in internationally certified real estate portfolios.

Madis Raidma, CEO of East Capital Real Estate

The Metro Plaza certificate corresponds to the very good BREEAM level, and the assessment was conducted based on factors as health and wellbeing, as well as energy-, transportation-, water efficiency, building materials, waste management, use of land and pollution. One of the factors that had a positive impact on the assessment was the glass facade ensuring a bright work environment. East Capital Real Estate has also added a green area on the only terrace of the building, and installed additional parking places for bicycles.

The BREAAM certification is a strategic goal for East Capital Real Estate, considering aspects related to energy and overall efficiency in the course of management and development of buildings.

About East Capital Real Estate

East Capital Real Estate is a leading active real estate manager that focuses on commercial real estate investments in the Baltic region, primarily in office space, logistics and retail. We manage three funds and one investment mandate, with a total property value of EUR 430 million, distributed across 24 properties with a lettable area of 382,000 square metres.

East Capital Real Estate is part of East Capital Group − an independent asset management group that comprises several strategies and specialisations to offer active management solutions in equities, bonds and real estate assets with a clear ESG framework. Founded in Sweden in 1997, East Capital Group manages a total of EUR 3.8 billion for a broad range of international investors including leading institutions, companies and private individuals.

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